Midwest Barley

Using advanced farming techniques
The fertile Red River Valley has long been an important U.S. agricultural region. Among crops it is renowned for is its high-quality malting barley produced using dryland farming methods and varieties bred specific for the region. North Dakota State University has bred the Pinnacle variety specifically for use by upper Midwest malting barley growers. This variety provides the quality and disease resistance that has improved acceptance by over 20% in recent years.

Upper Midwest growers are challenged each year with variable rainfall and disease potential. Our Briess growers have adapted to changing conditions and keep a watchful eye on crop progress, using advanced farming techniques to produce high-quality malting barley in an ever-changing environment.

Partnering with exceptional growers
Briess started its barley program here, drawn to the quality and varieties of malting barley it produces. Briess has been very selective with growers who want to grow for Briess. The grower must have long history of malting barley production and knowledge of farm practices that result in high-quality malting barley. Over the years, Briess has increased the number of growers and acres planted in the Red River Valley region from western Minnesota and eastern one-third of North Dakota to the Canadian border. These Midwestern growers like to grow barley as it works well with rotation crop for soybeans and sugar beets, two other crops important to the region. This rotation with soybeans and sugar beets provides nutrients for the barley that results in improved quality and exceptional yield for the grower.

Upper Midwest growers like Harley Scholl of Grandin, ND, have been operating family farming businesses for generations, growing malting barley and certified barley seed for decades. They work hard to produce the very best high-quality barley Briess demands for their malting process. A Briess staff agronomist works closely with each grower, visiting the fields during the growing season and providing guidance to maximize quality and production.