Multiple capabilities offer scalability, flexibility
Malting—the natural process of developing flavor, color and function in raw grain—has been a core competency at Briess for more than 140 years. For decades Briess has been leveraging that experience, expanding capabilities and product lines. Today, Briess employs multiple custom, natural processes to create a range of product lines, each with a unique set and varieties of flavor, color, texture and function. These natural, specialty grain- and starch-based ingredients offer formulating solutions and creativity for the advancement of craft beer, artisan spirits, natural better-for-you foods and petfood.

The combination of scalability and multiple processing capabilities provides flexibility for small- to large-batch production, and unparalleled custom product development and production. Beyond processing, Briess operations include flexible blending and small-scale packaging equipment. Toll processing, toll malting and other toll processing services are also offered.

Each ingredient portfolio delivers a unique set of characteristics beneficial specific to that category:

  • American Craft Beer
    • Base and Specialty Base Malt
    • Specialty Malt
    • Roasted Barley
    • CBW® Malt Extract—Dry and Liquid
    • BriessSweet® Gluten Free Syrup
    • Pregelatinized Flakes & Adjunct
  • Artisan Spirits
    • Distillers Malt
    • Base Malt
    • Specialty Malt
    • Raw Grains
    • Pregelatinized Flakes
  • U.S. Food, Beverage & Petfood
    • InnoSweet Whole Wheat Natural Sweeteners
    • Maltoferm® Malt Extract
    • Malted Milk Powder
    • BriesSweet Gluten Free Natural Sweeteners
    • Insta Grains® Pregelatinized Ingredients
    • Specialty Sprouted Grains
    • BriesSpecialty Malt Flours
    • Roasted Grain Ingredients