Capabilities Portfolio

Multiple capabilities for innovative solutions
Investing in and deeply exploring natural processes that complement the time-honored craft of malting is our strength. By combining and manipulating these capabilities, we develop innovative and unique natural solutions to tough formulating and processing challenges facing brewers and food manufacturers every day.

With the largest portfolio of germinated grain ingredients in the U.S., Briess offers many ways to enhance the value of products naturally through sprouting. Our diverse capabilities allow us to control the process to target germination or enzyme levels, dry product to stability while creating unique flavors through kilning, roasting or instantizing, and finishing the products in a variety of ways as whole kernel grain, flaked, kibbled or floured.

Briess is a pioneer in kilned specialty malts. Our specialty malthouses are set up for flexibility with many storage bins and specialized processing equipment to allow for malting recipe changes needed to practice the maltsters art. With experience malting many different types of grain and other seeds over the years, we have the expertise and equipment needed to achieve consistent high-quality malt from many materials. Customers rely on us for over a dozen types of standard kilned specialty malts and many custom products. With four different kilns of various sizes and configurations, we have the capability to custom process batches from 40,000 to 400,000 pounds. Finished malts are available in bags, totes, blended totes, bulk trucks and rail. Many products are available preground or organic or both.

Extraction & Starch Conversion
Our state-of-the-art extraction and starch conversion plant includes brewing grade equipment and processes capable of producing producing malt extract with very low colors and very tight specifications for color and flavor. This fits applications where malt is the primary flavorant, such as beer and confectionery. Natural sweeteners can be produced from non-malted grains or pure starches using natural processes. The Briess extraction and starch conversion plant can perform modular operations incorporating one or more of the unit operations—large atmospheric batch cooking, solid liquid separation, evaporation and spray drying. Products are packaged in a variety of packaging sizes or in bulk refrigerated, ambient or heated trucks.

Using a unique natural process, we have the ability to precook whole grains and other natural ingredients.Varying the processing results in different levels of reduced cook time and product functionality. These products can then be flaked or milled into a pregelatinized flour, and incorporated directly into dough.

Decades of roasting experience have given us the largest variety of standard roasted malts of any maltster in the world. With flexible batch drum roasters from 500-6,000 pounds, we have the ability to roast grains, malts and other products to enhance colors and flavors.

Milling & Dry Blending
Dry milling with a multi-pass milling system and entrained sifting creates finished products with specific particle size ranges or profiles. We have the capability to produce finely milled products with 100 percent through a US 100 sieve.

Small Packaging
Our high quality form, fill and seal line produces smaller packages from 1 ounce to 10 pounds. We can package any Briess product or other products from outside sources using a variety of films. Our equipment also codes and prints on each bag, and accommodates many sizes of labels.

Standard Briess products are only the starting point in the ingredient possibilities we can provide. Custom products can be developed by varying raw materials, processes, blending and packaging to produce custom products tailored to your exact needs. We offer toll processing using our facilities, and are willing to explore partnerships that utilize the our equipment capabilities in new ways to make unique finished products for you.