Seed to Specialty

Focused on quality for your success
At Briess, we believe that producing high-quality ingredients requires strict adherence to our dynamic, multi-faceted Quality Program. Being a vertically integrated grain processor offers Briess the structure needed to develop and execute quality control from seed to specialty, assuring our customers receive high-quality products for their success.

The Briess Quality Program is anchored by on-site labs at all facilities. Experienced Briess employees staff the labs, testing raw materials directly off the field, throughout transportation and storage, and through production to packaging. The well-equipped labs include industry standard equipment for testing physical and chemical properties. Equipment is calibrated following a strict maintenance schedule, and staff are trained in the latest testing standards.

The Briess Supply Chain spans a network of facilities in Wyoming and Wisconsin connected by rail:

Raw Material Management

  • Network of 300+ experienced growers
  • Briess Seed Plant, Powell, WY
  • Briess Elevator, Ralston, WY
  • Briess Elevator, Manitowoc, WI

Production Plants

  • Malthouse, Manitowoc, WI
  • Insta Grains Plants, Chilton, WI
  • Extract Plant, Chilton, WI


  • Distribution Center, Chilton, WI
  • Distribution Center, Manitowoc, WI
  • Bulk distribution from all production plants